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As we change how we think about data, we need to change how we build data teams. For organizations embracing the rise of the data team, we’re here to offer guidance, resources, and best practices.
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Data Dream Team Podcasts

This podcast series is hosted by Jesse Anderson, who has spent almost ten years observing, mentoring, and working with data teams in companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Amazing guests talk about building data teams and share best practices from their data careers.

Our Favorite Data Team Reads

Here are some of our favorite guides, articles, and books about building and enabling data teams. Got any recommendations? Let us know!
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Data Teams: A Unified Management Model for Successful Data-Focused Teams

Successful organizations focus on both technology and management. Learn how to run big data projects, how to resource your teams, and how teams should work with each other to be cost effective.

Zonal Marking: From Ajax to Zidane, the Making of Modern Soccer

Can data teams learn something from soccer teams? We think so. Learn how the formations, skill sets, experience, and tactics of different European teams have shaped the game.
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Jesse Anderson

Managing Data Teams

In Jesse Anderson’s course, you’ll learn how to organize data teams, how to manage data teams on a day-to-day and long-term basis, and how to fix underperforming data teams.
Managing Data Teams Training Course
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